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Passad Large Bag (rutig) by Wind in Mind

Passad Large Bag (rutig) by Wind in Mind

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Passad is a great bag with plenty of room. It has four compartments along one side, one large and three small. This toilet bag fits everything you need for the trip. The outer fabric is woven with matt surface. It is laminated with the carbon fiber yarns and white threads in an overlapping grid. The lining is white spinnaker. Sail cloth is water resistant and easy to wipe clean. Dimensions: 300 x 160 mm *ships from Sweden- please allow 7-10 days Wind in Mind designs and produces beautiful and functional products from sailcloth. We want our products to give a sense of wind and ocean even when you are on shore. Our products should feel smooth in your hand, be beautiful to look at and age with beauty. Three friends are the founders of Wind in Mind. Three friends with different backgrounds but with a mutual love for open water and sailing since childhood. While living close to a sail loft, we have learned how sails are made and understood the value of good handicraft. The love for sailcloth as material we already had….We want to borrow that handicraft and combine it with our sense of design and create something special. Our creations depend on which sailcloth we are lucky to collect from our sailmaker. Sometimes only a strip of cloth. Sometimes a full roll of cloth not used in the sail production. Fascination not knowing what to expect next month… Frustrating when finding a cloth we really love and not finding the same again… Our products are carefully handmade. Sometimes made as only one unique piece and other times as hundreds…

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