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Woolfiller repairs holes and hides stains in woolen jumpers, cardigans, jackets and carpets, or other woolen things. Woolfiller is the invention of Heleen Klopper, a product-designer who has been fascinated for years by wool and felt and their specific characters. In October 2009, she won the Doen | Material Prize for Woolfiller. According to the jury, the product is brilliant in its simplicity. By using the unique qualities of wool - it attaches itself automatically to a surface by means of minute scales - she developed a do-it-yourself kit that anyone can use. It's an easy and original way to repair the holes in woolen garments, rugs, curtains or other textile products. This includes people with two left-hands. A new solution for an age old problem, Woolfiller fixes will stay through the wash. Woolfiller only uses the best materials. The wool comes from New Zealand sheep, is dyed in accordance with the Okotex Standard 100, and can be washed in the washing machine at 30 degrees celcius, preferably with a neutral wool-washing solution. The needles have been produced by the German company Groz-Beckert. The needles are sharp (watch out for your fingers!) and relatively fine: careless use could cause them to break. Keep Woolfiller and needles out of reach of young children. Contents of the kit: 5 pieces of wool, 2 felt needles, 1 piece foam, and a users guide.

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