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Tone Clock by Huygens 45cm

Tone Clock by Huygens 45cm

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A glossy transparent spot varnish is printed on the matte dial to create a so-called ton-sur-ton effect. Depending on the light, the index print is clearly visible, slightly visible or not even visible at all.


Coated stainless steel frame, glass, ABS back




Ø 45cm – d: 6,2cm / Ø 17.7"- d: 2.44"


Silent Quartz Movement


5 Years

Battery type

1 x AA / LR6 / R6 battery


2,2kg / 4.9lbs

Let the light set the tone with the minimalist Huygens Tone collection. The ton-sur-tone effect of the Huygens Tone wall clock is created by printing a glossy transparent spot varnish onto the matte black dial. The wall clock is equipped with a smooth and silent movement, making it the ideal companion in a space designed for living, sleeping or working. The Huygens Tone displays a minimalist index clock face.

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