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Haoshi Design

Sparrow X VASE- M by Haoshi Design

Sparrow X VASE- M by Haoshi Design

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Material: Marble. Dimensions: 110mm X H165mm / 1.4KG Designer: Haoshi Design. In the clear Sparrow X VASE and concise figure, pure and white marble texture, it contains all the elegances and fragrances of the plants. Modern, but warm. Delicately curved sparrows perch aside, as a tree, like a sweet home. They invite you to feel the gentle tongue of flowers flowing. Haoshi’s Sparrow Vase is indispensable in your exquisite decor collection. Sparrow x Vase is made of natural marble which may have pore on the surface. For stubborn stains , please incorporate a neutral pH cleaner and a nonabrasive scrub pad. Rinse all areas thoroughly after applying cleaning agent. *TIMESLESS DISCOUNT CODE DOES NOT APPLY

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