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SIWA CLUTCH WIDE (BLACK) 12.4" x 12.4" x 2.75"

SIWA CLUTCH WIDE (BLACK) 12.4" x 12.4" x 2.75"

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wide' clutch-style bag with snap and bottom gusset - 12.4" x 12.4" x 2.75"

weight 50 grams (1.75 ounces)

This collection, called SIWA, is produced by the Onao paper company in Japan and designed by superstar industrial designer Naoto Fukasawa. The remarkable aspect is the paper itself, developed by Onao, which doesn’t rip, is highly water-resistant and can carry heavy loads (tested for up to 10 kgs/ 22 lbs). SIWA, pronounced shiwa, means ‘wrinkle’ in Japanese and is also a play on the word for washi, the traditional Japanese paper for which Onao is known. Onao is a family run company, with more than 150 years of papermaking history. Based in Yamanishi, a rural area near Mt. Fuji, Onao still operates Japan’s oldest (and, they like to point out, slowest) paper machine where the paper is cut off the wheel by hand. Soft Naoron is a paper developed by our company from wood pulp and polyolefin utilizing the washi-suki paper manufacturing method. It is soft and flexible, highly water-resistant and does not tear easily. Soft Naoron does not emit noxious fumes when burned. Regarding handling of the products • Pull into shape before use. • Please note that dark colors may fade or run. Do not wash. • Clean with a well wrung out, damp cloth. • Do not iron. • Please ensure that the item does not come into contact with hot items. • Colors may change in the event that the product comes into contact with wet items.

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