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Oigen - Trivet Maru-arare

Oigen - Trivet Maru-arare

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Founded: 1852

Established: 1947

Brand: Oigen

The Oigen foundry is located in area that has been producing Nambu ironware for 900 years. By casting in a fine grain sand the ironware has a renowned smooth and unblemished surface. If cared for properly Oigen ironware can last over 100 years and is made from 75% recycled material.

Item Description: Cast iron trivet with intricate dots. This trivet has feet to lift the bottom of the trivet off of the table, while also protecting it from damaging your table. While these products were developed to protect tabletops from hot kettles and pots, they are also gaining popularity as decorations. Many people give trivets as gifts and some restaurants even display them on walls.

Materials: Cast iron. The feet of the trivet has rubber covering the cast iron.

Dimensions: H: 0.75" x Ø 4"

Care Instructions: Hand wash with hot water, using sparingly if needed. Do not soak. Dry thoroughly, preferably on the stove top. Brush forming rust away with a brush and wash normally.

Made In: Japan

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