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Mutenka Sekken

KOBE Sake COLD PROCESS SOAP by Mutenka Sekken

KOBE Sake COLD PROCESS SOAP by Mutenka Sekken

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size: 90g

Kobe sake soap

*No chemical fragrances, stabilizers, preservatives, coloring agents, preservatives, synthetic surfactants, foaming aids, mineral oil, etc.

Blended with "Fukuju" Junmai Daiginjo made by "Kobe Shushinkan", a long-established sake brewery in Nada with a history of 260 years.

It is said that the toji who makes sake has smooth hands because the amino acids in sake are excellent ingredients for beautiful skin.

Contains domestic camellia oil from the Goto Islands. Rich in oleic acid that is easy on the skin.

Contains luxurious oils such as sesame oil and castor oil. It lathers abundantly and is moist and cleansing.

You can use it all over your body, from your face to your hair.

It contains a small amount of cypress essential oil, so it has a refreshing scent that makes you feel relaxed.

It is a certified product of Kobe Selection 6. Won 1st place in the product sales category at the final screening.

It is also a certified product of the 2013 "Five Star Hyogo"

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