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Nychair X80 Natural / Camel

Nychair X80 Natural / Camel

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The Knee Chair X 80 was born in 1980, 10 years after the launch of the Knee Chair X. It was developed to respond to the changing times when the lifestyle with chairs became widespread from the low-seat living environment where tatami mats are common.

While maintaining the comfort of being wrapped up, the seat height is set higher than that of Knee Chair X, and the structure is more compact and the backrest can be folded for easy portability. It can be said that this chair was born because Takeshi Nii, who continued to face folding chairs throughout his life.

Dimensions and details

Size Approx. Width 60 x Depth 66 x Height 74 cm
Seat height: Approx. 34.5 cm
Seat front edge height: Approx. 40 cm
When folded: Approx. Width 22 x Depth 67 x Height 78 cm
Weight Approx. 6 kg
Structural member:Sheet: 100% cotton
Seat back (core material on both sides): Metal (steel)
Elbow rest: Natural wood (beach)
Leg: Metal (stainless steel, hairline finish)
Surface processing:Seat back (core material on both sides ): Acrylic resin coating
Elbow rest: Urethane coating finish
Country of origin:Japan
Warranty:3 year quality guarantee

* No assembly required, delivered as a finished product

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