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Kizutsu Tea caddy (Slim) 3 in x 4. ½ in- Natural by Denshiro (TS587)

Kizutsu Tea caddy (Slim) 3 in x 4. ½ in- Natural by Denshiro (TS587)

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Dimensions: 3 in x 4. ½ in H

Material: Cherry Bark

This standard tea caddy of DENSHIRO has a knob on the inner lid. Both the inside of the caddy and the underside of the lid are made of valuable cherry bark. It is a high quality and sophisticated piece. Katamono is the technique used to make cylinders for tea caddies. The craftsman glues together layers of cherry bark and wood. He then wraps them around a cylindrical wooden mold and irons them with a highly heated trowel to attach them. As all the parts of a tea caddy are made from one cylinder, thus it has a high airtightness, and will protect tea leaves from moisture. DENSHIRO has been working with the natural material of cherry bark, and making cherry bark ware since its foundation in 1851. We continue to create authentic cherry bark ware pieces that value the rich forms of expression that can be conveyed with selected cherry bark materials, and that will enhance your every day life.

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