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Frying Pan Jiu

IO Deep Frying Pan Jiu Small by Fujita Kinzoku

IO Deep Frying Pan Jiu Small by Fujita Kinzoku

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Dimensions: 10 in x 3 in H

Manufactured by Fujita Kinzoku

A unique, multipurpose pan that functions as both a traditional frying pan and a serving plate. • Features a state-of-the-art natural beech or walnut wood handle that easily attaches to the rim of the pan - Lightly slide the handle using the thumb to attach and remove it. • Handcrafted in Japan - Pan is made of 1.6mm-thick mill scale steel plate that can brings out the flavor of any dish - Uses a unique hardening and tempering process and 700-degree quenching, making it rust and stick resistant. • Compatible with gas, electric, and induction cooktops - Pre-seasoned.

Fujita Kinzoku Co., Ltd., a small town factory in Osaka, and TENT, a small design office in Tokyo, repeated trial and error together and finally arrived.

An iron frying pan handcrafted one by one by a craftsman in a town factory that combines the functions of "making" and "eating".

The sliding handle that can be attached and detached from anywhere in 360 degrees is both easy to store and easy to cook. When the food is ready, you can serve it hot as a plate.

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