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HOMELAND ALL-PURPOSE DONABE by Matsusho (Hi-iro) 300941

HOMELAND ALL-PURPOSE DONABE by Matsusho (Hi-iro) 300941

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It is a clay pot that is baked with a gentle and warm look using clay that contains a lot of Shigaraki compost. The traditional scarlet color = scarlet is a rare color not found in pots. The rice-cooking clay pot, which is said to emit far-infrared rays more than three times as much as a normal pot, heats slowly from the core, so you can cook plump rice. * Since each item is hand-finished using natural materials, there may be slight differences in unevenness, size, and shape.

Scarlet is a traditional color that has been around for a long time and is also called Scarlet. A long time ago, the soil of the Kobiwako Formation, which was at the bottom of Lake Biwa, was kneaded and made, and the unique brown color created by burning pine trees and burning them was reproduced with modern glaze.

Dimensions: 11 2/5”H x 5 9/10”H

"Easy-to-use, long-term use" created with the makers of cooking utensils and tableware that have continued to refine their techniques in the fast-paced flow of Japanese manufacturing. The production areas are all over Japan, and they are made using the techniques of various regions and regions. Manufacturing, which involves direct dialogue with craftsmen who are familiar with materials, reminds us that there is always a reason for the history in which the shapes and colors were born. Now that I am asking myself what kind of tools I really want to use, I would like to deliver a lovable kitchen tool that I can continue to use. And creating from scratch is not the only creation. I think that it is also creative to re-examine and polish existing shapes and materials. We hope that Homeland will help you to carefully cook seasonal ingredients and create daily rhythms.

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