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Haoshi Still X VASE - Pear

Haoshi Still X VASE - Pear

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W90mm ⅹ D85mm ⅹ H105mm / 150g

In art, fruits have been a timeless subject, particularly in still life paintings. They are used to depict the richness of everyday life through their vibrant colors and liveliness.

The Still Vases epitomize understated, timeless elegance and serve as the perfect canvas to highlight flowers of all colors, shapes, and sizes.

Inspired by the natural shape of fruits, they can be filled with your favorite flower arrangements and place it in your windowsill, on the dinner table or living room shelf to provide your space with a distinct look.

Ceramic - Unglazed outside. Glazed inside

Use brush and neutral detergent to clean the vase surface gently by drawing a circle.

Handmade in Taiwan.

Slight variations in color, shape and size might occur due to the natural raw material and production technic.

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