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Haoshi Design

Goldfish X CLOCK by Haoshi Design

Goldfish X CLOCK by Haoshi Design

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Material:Resin/Taiwan Movement.Dimensions: W100mm × D650mm × H650mmDesigner: Haoshi DesignHaoshi Goldfish X CLOCK collects nine leisurely swimming goldfish. In Eastern culture, number “nine” means flourishing fortune. The goldfish represents lucky and rich. Nine goldfish are a symbol of permanent good fortune and luck. Goldfishes swim freely with their beautiful long tails, in gestures of delicacy and elegance. They swim with no rush, they swim away from all earthly noise. Their elegant rhythm freezes the moment into forever. On haoshi Goldfish Clock floats both passing time and static goldfish. As time goes by, shadows dance and change underneath the sun. Between move and still, reality and dream, the goldfish clock would record the happiness with you in ever single second.Installation:The back of each goldfish’s tail is numbered. Please tear off the adhesive tape and paste it on the marks in order.Tear off the adhesive tape from the back of the position marker chart. Lead the tape through the core and paste it on the wall.


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