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Toyama Hamono

Garden Scissors ( Okubo ) by Toyama Hamono

Garden Scissors ( Okubo ) by Toyama Hamono

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Dimensions: 7. 3/4 in L (Blade - 2. 1/4 in L)

Manufactured by TOYAMA HAMONO, a traditional shears manufacturer based in the Sanjo Niigata japan.

TOYAMA HAMONO was established in Sanjo, a town famous for blacksmithing, in 1861.
Their methods are based on the manufacturing methods of Japanese swords (KATANA) and have been hand-making secateurs and shears for almost 160 years.

TOYAMA HAMONO has acquired a reputation throughout Japan and the world for their production in exceptional gardening shears.

The Hidehisa shears are designed for general garden use. ideal for pruning branches,roses,flower and houseplants.

each piece is hand forged and sharpened using traditional methods. as such ,each tool has its own variations ans irregularity. they are all handmade in japan.

Total length: 200mm

Weight: 215 grams

Blade length: 70mm

Steel: Forged special steel

Maximum cutting capacity: about 10 mm in raw wood diameter

Included: Free ticket for blade sharpening

The maximum cutting capacity of this product is up to 10 mm in raw wood diameter.

It is a tool for general garden care, planting and gardening.

Please note that it may be damaged if you cut anything other than plants or use it forcibly.

*Shrubs, artificial flowers, wire, and bamboo cannot be cut.

After use, we recommend wiping off the dirt on the main body (especially the blade) and storing it in a tool box or indoors. When wiping off dirt, wiping with knife oil (sewing machine oil is also acceptable) and protecting the main body will prevent rust from occurring.

If you want to sharpen the blade yourself, please use the dedicated whetstone/sharpener. *We also sell whetstones suitable for scissors.

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