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EO Play Mirror ICE CREAM Warm Rose

EO Play Mirror ICE CREAM Warm Rose

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EO's Ice Cream mirror is a playful and decorative wall piece. The slim dimensions make it easy to place in almost any room, to add personality, and humor to any room.

The mirror comes in various colors: Warm Rose, Smoked Grey, Ocean Blue, Exotic Green, and Hazel Brown; hang them all as a series to create a dramatic effect.

Designed by Nicole & Tor Vitner Servé

Dimensions L22.4 x W8.7 x D0.4”

Material: High quality mirror glass, untreated fine European oak

Made in EU.

EO which stands for "Elements Optimal", is a well-known Danish brand. The brand believes in the importance of sustainable consumer culture. They have made it their mission to create products with timeless design. EO believes that their high-quality products made with certified materials will have a place in homes for current and future generations.

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