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ITO Bindery

Drawing Pad White ITO BINDERY

Drawing Pad White ITO BINDERY

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Design with ease with the Ito Bindery Drawing Pad! Seventy sheets of high-quality Japanese paper are mounted on a sturdy base made with recycled cardboard. The sheets are microperforated at the header so they are easy to tear off and file away.

The pure white sheets come from a single Japanese paper manufacturer for guaranteed uniformity in color and paper quality. The soft paper is easy to sketch on, and the simple shape and color are popular with minimalists and creatives alike.

70 sheets
A6 - 5.13/16 ” x 4.7/8” x 1⁄2”
A5 - 8.1/4” x 6.5/8” x 1⁄2”
A4 - 11.11/16” x 9” x 1⁄2”

Paper - High-quality white paper (81.4g/㎡)
Base - Recycled cardboard
Manufacturing method - Wire binding

Design by tenkei project

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