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ITO Bindery

Drawing Pad Kraft ITO BINDERY

Drawing Pad Kraft ITO BINDERY

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Design with ease with the Ito Bindery Drawing Pad! Seventy sheets of high-quality Japanese paper are mounted on a sturdy base made with recycled cardboard. The sheets are microperforated at the header so they are easy to tear off and file away.

The kraft sheets are durable and have a unique, coarse feel that is perfect for creators looking to try working with something new.

70 sheets
A6 - 5.13/16 ” x 4.7/8” x 1⁄2”
A5 - 8.1/4” x 6.5/8” x 1⁄2”
A4 - 11.11/16” x 9” x 1⁄2”

Paper - Kraft paper (70g/㎡)
Base - Recycled cardboard
Manufacturing method - Wire binding

Design by tenkei project

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