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Haoshi Design

Dove X LIGHT 01 by Haoshi Design

Dove X LIGHT 01 by Haoshi Design

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Dimensions: 300mm X 120mm X 190mm;

haoshi design combines three doves in different postures to create the Dove X Light. This design not only functions as a light; it also elegantly decorates your house in the daytime. Light up Dove X Light at the night, and it will warm your longing for inner peace.; Resin / Aluminum stand / Lighting / LED light Bulb; Only for indoor use, please keep it away from rain or water droplets easily gathered place; Best with LED/ energy-efficient E14 light bulb. Do not use tungsten type.; We all need a space where we could run away from outside world’s disputes, a place where we could switch all the noises into soft melody, and a place where everything we feel is serene. Here we are not trying to isolate ourselves; we are just reviewing what we have done today peacefully. We turn on the Dove X Light, and in the atmosphere of peace we rally ourselves. Tomorrow we will fly more freely in the sky of urban jungle.

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