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Domestic Wall Sticker Measuring Souvenir New York design by Ana Mir + Emil Padros

Domestic Wall Sticker Measuring Souvenir New York design by Ana Mir + Emil Padros

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Stickers is a collection of wall stickers designed by graphic artists, designers and artists coming from creative territories and a wide variety of backgrounds. A genuine alternative to wallpaper, the Stickers collection literally hands over to the user, who is invited to convert his interior into an area for expression, and becomes the originator of his own decor. Thanks to Stickers, the «wall space» becomes the place for a game of composition and narration to invest and to invent. Free of the constraints inherent in wallpaper, the Stickers collection, apart from the practical interest it represents (you no longer need a table for pasting nor paste), enables more thought to be given to the place and the role of the decor and decoration in our interiors. Here, where all or part of the collection takes its visual strength from the flat tints without the colour of the vector graphics and where only the score line gives birth to the drawing, another part of the collection opens the graphic spectrum to the graduated colours, to superimposed colours, to elaborated textures, to manual imprints thereby giving birth to more «low tech» aesthetics. Easy to position, self-adhesive, select your model from the collection, make up your visual yourself and decorate a wall, a door, a piece of furniture… in your house. Dimensions: 200x50cm Ana and Emili work as industrial designers and share Emiliana Design Studio based in Barcelona, working together on different commissions and at the same time developing individual research projects. In 2002 Ana was asked to submit several of her designs to the permanent collection of Fonds National d’Art Contemporain- FNAC of France. *LEAD TIME CAN BE UP TO 3 WEEKS

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