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Dome Clock by Huygens 45cm/index

Dome Clock by Huygens 45cm/index

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The Huygens Dome wall clock is a wonderful and minimalistic clock that suits any interior. A clock with a contemporary dial design, but with a convex glass cover that reminds of clocks from earlier days. Due to the smooth movement of the hands, this clock has a very quiet clockwork. In short, a rural wall clock with a timeless design comes into its own in any room.




White Dial


Ø 45cm – d: 6,2cm / Ø 17.7"- d: 2.44"


Silent Quartz Movement


5 Years

Battery type

1 x AA / LR6 / R6 battery


1.6kg / 3.5lbs

Silent design
A Huygens clock is a completely silent clock. Where you can hear most clocks tick, Huygens has an innovative design that makes this clock perfectly silent, perfect for any room

Your clock is a Dutch design and made from recyclable, high-quality materials. To ensure your Huygens clock is a unique and authentic piece, all clocks have a registered design.

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