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Common Bowl 6" White designed by Yota Kakuda

Common Bowl 6" White designed by Yota Kakuda

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Dimensions: 6x2.1/4

The tableware called "Common" was created with the aim of achieving such a shape.
As a tool for everyday life, suitable for many people to use in various places for years and decades. Regardless of the dishes and scenes to be served, it is well-made and you can buy more as needed.Since its launch in 2014, it has been sold not only for home use but also for business use such as restaurants and cafes. It's an easy-to-use tableware, but that's why we haven't compromised on quality and price at all.

The designer of "Common" took an amazing amount of time and effort to create this shape, and repeated detailed verification. The manufacturer, Tokyo Nishikai, has put in place a manufacturing system by devoting itself to the development of products that can be manufactured for a long time responsibly. All "Common" items are made in the hands of skilled people in a reliable Japanese factory. The fact that these processes are also commonplace makes the value of "Common" unwavering.

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