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Mutenka Sekken

Charcoal COLD PROCESS SOAP by Mutenka Sekken

Charcoal COLD PROCESS SOAP by Mutenka Sekken

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black charcoal refreshing soap

Water Palm oil Palm kernel oil Olive oil Sodium hydroxide Rice bran oil Charcoal Squalane (derived from olive oil) Jojoba oil Camellia oil Silk Tea tree oil Lemon peel oil Peppermint oil

No chemical fragrances, stabilizers, preservatives, coloring agents, preservatives, synthetic surfactants, foaming aids, mineral oil, etc.

Contains black charcoal as an adsorption component. Cleans away dirt and sebum from pores, leaving your skin smooth.

It is also recommended for hot seasons when you sweat.

It has a refreshing lemon, tea tree and mint scent. The natural scent of clean natural ingredients is popular.

Made with domestic camellia oil from the Goto Islands, it creates a fine, creamy lather.

Contains luxurious moist oils such as silk and jojoba oil, as well as squalane derived from olive oil, silk, and jojoba oil.

It is a gentle wash that does not remove too much sebum.

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