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Mutenka Sekken

Chamomile HOT PROCESS SOAP Mutenka Sekken

Chamomile HOT PROCESS SOAP Mutenka Sekken

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Soap base Chamomile powder
* The soap base is made by reacting alkali with vegetable mixed oils such as olive oil, coconut oil, and soybean oil.

It is popular among people with skin concerns, such as those with sensitive skin, those with dry skin, those with itchy backs in the winter, and those with atopic dermatitis.

It is a simple combination of soap base and chamomile powder.

Even if you wash your face in the middle of winter, it will be gentle and smooth after washing.

Many people who use it for the first time are surprised at how smooth and comfortable the skin is.

Chamomile (Japanese name for chamomile) is popular as a "mother herb" mainly in Germany and France, and has been used to treat various skin problems.

Among the chamomile, carefully selected natural and high-quality chamomile powder is blended as it is.

The pot-fired method uses firewood to burn the soap for 3 days, and then it is dried and aged for about 3 months.

Kettle-fired manufacturing method, the last cauldron is fired. When the steam rises and there are beautiful wrinkles on the surface, it is close to completion.

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