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BLOMUS ZEN Cutting Board - Tray

BLOMUS ZEN Cutting Board - Tray

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blomus Zen Cutting Board - Tray is the perfect two-in-one design made of beautiful solid oak. Simple geometric shapes make this kitchen design a must-have. One side of the board features wood grooves which catch and contain crumbs from bread and rolls as they are cut. Turn the board over and it doubles as an elegant serving tray with slim, raised edges and easy to hold sides.

  • Reversible for use as a cutting board or serving tray
  • Made of untreated, solid oak
  • Medium board is 0.8" x 6.7" x 12.6" / 2cm x 17cm x 32cm
  • Large board is 0.8" x 9.8" x 15.6" / 2cm x 25cm x 40cm

blomus Zen is designed by David Meier of Studiomeiid in Germany.

blomus oak cutting boards and trays are made of untreated oak. blomus recommends the wood be treated with sunflower oil before using with foods to protect the wood against discoloring and prevent food odors and bacteria from attaching themselves to the surface. Tray can be rinsed with warm water, but blomus does not recommend soaking.

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