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BLOMUS PALUA Oak Trays - Set Of 2 Boards

BLOMUS PALUA Oak Trays - Set Of 2 Boards

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PALUA Oak Trays – Set of 2 Boards The new PALUA tray comes in two different shapes that can be used separately, but that fit perfectly with each other –creating the ideal display on the window sill, counter, or table. One tray designed by German designer David Meier is good – two trays is even better! The simple, elevated construction makes the tray the ideal platform for plants, sculptures or other treasured items in the home, while also allowing for more everyday use when you replace a traditional fruit basket or serving tray with PALUA – either standing alone or together completing each other like the ideal couple. If the product is to be used with food, treat the wood with oil (sunflower oil is preferred). The oil protects the wood from discoloring and ensures the food odors and bacteria do not stick to the wood surface. Round board is 9.9" diameter x 1.9" height. Square tray is 9.9" x 9.9" x 1.1" Cleaning instructions: the serving trays can be rinsed with warm water, however, it is not recommended to soak the trays in water as this may lead to cracks in the wood. Made of oak.

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