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BLOMUS ASHI Fireplace Tool Set - 3 Pc- Black Handle

BLOMUS ASHI Fireplace Tool Set - 3 Pc- Black Handle

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The ASHI Fireplace Tool Set – 3 Pc., designed by German Kaschkasch, has proven yet again that even the most useful, everyday object can be clever, elegant, and deserving of appreciation. The set includes the t-stand, tong and poker. The wooden handles feature a strong built-in magnet that holds the tools securely to the stand when not in use. The complete tool set becomes a decorative item in your living space. ASHI is available in two styles black powder coated steel – with a blackened oak wood handle or with a brown oak wood handle. The Fireplace Tool Set coordinates beautifully with the ASHI Firewood Basket. 8.7" x 8.7" x 29.8" A collection name could not be more fitting as the term ASHI comes from the Japanese word meaning reed. The shape of Ashi is inspired by the swaying reeds that grow in abundance in shallow water; the handle has a similar contour, and the stick resembles the strong, hollow stems that have been used for centuries as a material for the production of baskets.

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